We Are Inspired.

INSPIRED SIGHT & SOUND INC. is a creative production house that specializes in signature audio/visual productions and integrated brand engagement. Founded in 2002 by directors, Sandy Peic and Juan Valencia, INSPIRED SIGHT & SOUND INC. offers an array of branding solutions for print, digital, video and sound design. Our mandate is to partner with your company to effectively compete and excel in your chosen market through our sage strategy, original thinking and inspired design.

The Team

Juan Valencia
Juan ValenciaProduction Director

Juan is an artist, entrepreneur and creative leader with extensive experience in developing and managing multiple multimedia and audiovisual projects. As a music producer and composer, Juan has worked on numerous TV series, documentaries, commercials, films, and video games.

His experience and relationships in the industry has lead him to be involved in different projects working as a producer, director, editor, composer and sound designer for multiple audio visual works. Juan’s extensive knowledge and attention to detail is what gives him the opportunity to deliver to his clients the best quality work possible.

Juan is passionate about producing the highest quality work that is capable of transmitting multiple emotions and the correct information to various audiences with the proper use of music, sound and best quality visuals.


Sandy Peic
Sandy PeicCreative Director
Sandy’s work can be found around the world and in a variety of genres. From Harlequin to Hallmark, Merck Frosst to Rogers Communications and Sony to Mattel, she’s created packaging and publications, launched campaigns and branded some of the products we know and use today.

She has a passion to create, to give an identity to a product or service, and to always be relevant in this ever changing world of marketing and design.

Luisa Valencia
Luisa ValenciaDirector of Post Production

Luisa holds a BA in Visual Arts with an emphasis on audiovisual expression at one of Colombia’s more prestigious Universities, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and followed this with studies in Documentary Making, Script Writing and Dramatic Construction in La Habana (Cuba). Moving seamlessly within various roles as a videographer, filmmaker, and editor, makes Luisa unique. She is flexible, creative and with an invaluable broad knowledge of story telling has an open mind to approaching new challenges.

On the move in her career and always passionate and eager to show the world her vision or represent someone else’s view, Luisa has been able to put her signature on great projects and work with renown houses in South America and abroad, including Tiempo de Cine, Publicasiones Semana / Revista Soho, Merk Enterprise, Smashing Pictures, Canadian Film Center, to name a few.

Camilo Palacio
Camilo PalacioDirector of Photography

Juan Palacio, was born in 1974 in Medellin – Colombia, a country rich in contrast and color, the influence evident in the photographers work.

He has created a name for himself in the South American photography and film industry. With over 12 years experience the photographer worked for clients such as SoHo, LOFT, L’Espresso-Italy, New York Times, Canadian Film Center, Prison Dancer and Rolling Stones to name a few. He was also invited to present his work in El Benjamín Gallery – Collective expo / Sala X: “sin censura”, La Cometa Gallery – Collective expo / Young Art Contest – Colsanitas plus a permanent exhibition on Gallery Stock NY.

Juan is currently represented in NYC and London by Gallery Stock.